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Braun electric - Braun's product line extends from personal care to kitchen appliances; they are an extremely versatile and innovative global brand. Braun specializes in everyday consumer electronics, personal grooming products and home goods. When a product carries the Braun brand symbol you are sure to receive a product that is both reliable and efficient. Find everything you need at home and the on the go at Braun PremiumStore.
Garmin navigation - In Garmin PremiumStore you will find GPS navigation systems designed to facilitate you in every aspect of your life. Find Garmin navigation system for your car, motorcycle and or truck. The nuvi automotive series is one of the best in the industry, offering cutting edge GPS technology. Search through the on the trail/outdoor category for handheld, fitness and 2 way radio GPS systems as well.
Humminbird Fishfinders - Humminbird offers cutting edge in fishfinding technology. Now you can fish smarter with features like Side Imaging and Down Imaging.
Magellan navigation - A world leader in the GPS industry, Magellan manufactures a stylish and innovative line of GPS navigation products. RoadMate and Maestro series GPS systems have won praise from industry professionals and the everyday consumer. With the Triton models you can enjoy top of the line navigation technologies in the palm of your hand. Accessories and maps for all Magellan GPS models can also be found on PremiumStore.
Minn Kota Trolling Motors - Minn Kota is the oldest manufacturer of electric fishing motors in the world with nearly 70 years of hard-earned experience in the lab and on the water. Throughout our history, Minn Kota has led the way in product innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our list of Minn Kota "firsts" supports this commitment to trolling motor development and the fishing community.
Norelco razor - Norelco PremiumStore delivers a wide selection of men's dry razors, lotions dispensing razors, hair clippers, trimmers, women's razors and more. Featured razors provide you with super smooth, long lasting results and their innovative design makes hair removal quick and easy. The accessories section includes razor cleaners, replacement heads, power adapters and skin lotions.
OralB power toothbrush - Find the best power toothbrush models on the market at OralB PemiumStore. Browse through the Triumph and ProfessionalCare series brushes that feature built-in pressure sensor and SmartDisplay timer. Replacement brushheads are also available for every series of Oral-B toothbrushes. With Oral-B products you can create and maintain excellent oral hygiene habits.
Panasonic home - Panasonic delivers innovative technologies that enhance the day to day living of people all over the world. You can shop for top of the line phones, TV's, BlueRay and DVD players, personal care products, cameras, home appliances, massage chairs, power tools and more on PremiumStore. Fill your home with the best of Panasonic products and enjoy incredible service and performance.
Remington hair - One of the world's top rated personal grooming brands, Remington products help you look your best and achieve salon styling within the comfort of your own home. Find top quality shavers, groomers, clippers, women's epilators, hair care tools, and accessories. High powered Remington styling tools and grooming kits are great for the whole family.
Sonicare power toothbrush - Sonicare understands how important good oral hygiene is to their consumers overall health. With a great selection of power toothbrushes, your entire family can create their own custom cleaning routine. Sonicare is the go-to brand for dentists and dental hygienists across the country. The brushes on PremiumStore feature technology that is modeled after the tools found in a dentist's office.